Motorola teams up with Polycom for Xoom video telepresence app

Editor's Note:  It is rumored that an iPhone and general Android video client will be released as well.  This is a great move on Polycom's part to make you able to connect tablets and smart phones to corporate video conferencing systems.
Motorola has teamed up with the unified communications (UC) company Polycom to deliver telepresence for its Xoom tablet. Polycom's standards based telepresence video application will be featured on the Xoom, offering enterprise class, high-definition teleconferencing.

This should give the Xoom a big boost in the business market, where Apple leads at the moment with the Ipad and RIM is hoping to dominate with its Playbook tablet. The telepresence software features UC Intelligent Core infrastructure, which allows users to connect easily without extra network configuration.

It also allows users to easily and securely connect to existing teleconferencing devices. Both companies cited the potential benefits of using telepresence software on tablets, as it allows direct communication between employees at an office and employees on the go, making collaboration easier.

They hinted that future Motorola tablets will also feature Polycom's telepresence software, suggesting also that the Xoom will be only the first of many tablet devices from Motorola. Polycom's telepresence service will be available on Motorola's Xoom tablet in the second half of this year.



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