September 10, 2008

University dumps Cisco Call Manager for Asterisk PBX

Note: Another one bites the dust.... With our current economy I believe we will much more replacements of traditional phone systems based on cost and flexibility of the Asterisk Platform.  Long Live the Open Source Revolution!!!!   Viva la Asterisk!!!!

Some organizations consider taking the plunge off of big iron PBX platforms into IP telephony as being pretty daring, but that's nothing compared to what Sam Houston State University (SHSU) is doing. The south Texas school is boldly moving thousands of users off a Cisco VoIP platform to an open-source VoIP network based on Asterisk.

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October 31, 2007

Asterisk PBX Takes Hold in the Enterprise

PIKA Technologies Inc., a developer of media-processing hardware and software, today announced the results of an analysis of the usage habits of over 300 Asterisk developers across the globe. The announcement coincides with the start of Digium Asterisk World at this year’s Fall VON conference. From the results, it is clear that the Asterisk platform is becoming much more prevalent in the enterprise.

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March 13, 2007

Canadian Yellow Pages Distributor Switches to Asterisk

For more than 90 years National Sales and Distribution Inc. in Ontario, Canada, has been serving the Yellow Pages Group as an exclusive distributor of telephone directories for Quebec and Ontario. The company sells advertising and other directory products primarily through a 20-person call center. As the company’s Nortel Norstar PBX began to show its age, Allan Kobelansky, a network consultant to the company, began to search for options to replace the system with an IP PBX.

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February 07, 2007

Toss your PBX: Why Asterisk may be the VoIP future of your network

Note:  ComputerWorld has this nice write about Asterisk and what its benefits and limitations currently are.  What I really like about this article is the only real limitations they mentioned was that some companies are leery of open source software and the fact that the Asterisk integrator in the article did not has enterprise level experience.  Personally I know of a couple companies that do these types of installation.  It is true it is not for the faint of heart but if you have been working with Asterisk since 2004-05 you should be fine.
"Here's your network's dirty little secret: Your private branch exchange (PBX) is old and outdated, and if you want to bring it into the modern era with IP telephony and voice over IP (VoIP), you're going to have to spend a bundle. Specialized switches and hardware and proprietary systems don't come cheap, and they might not even offer all the telephony features you're looking for." 

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January 19, 2007

Consolidation Of Your Business Phone System (PBX) With An Asterisk VoIP Solution

Note:  This is an informative article talking ways Asterisk can help your business with multiple office through consolidation.

Here's the scenario.......

You're planning planning ahead for a consolidation of your business phone systems including a potential move of your headquarters to a new building.

Currently your company has 300 employees and operates in 15 locations:

- 6 warehouse locations with business offices (~30 - 50 employees each)

- 1 small warehouse (5 employees)

- 2 business offices (~10 employees each)

- 7 small stores (3-4 employees each) - 2 share space with warehouse locations

You also have some outside sale folks that work from home most of the time.

Currently you run several disconnected phone systems and some Centrex (store locations). You'd like to standardize on one platform with integrated voicemail for the company. The plan is to do this in the next 1-2 years, whether or not you move to a new building.

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December 13, 2006

Aspect Deploys Asterisk PBX At Its New Corporate HQ

Digium announced that Aspect Software, a company solely focused on the contact center, has selected Digium’s Asterisk Business Edition as the telephone infrastructure for its new corporate headquarters, to be located in Chelmsford, Mass.

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July 10, 2006

Enterprise open-source VoIP with Asterisk

A lot of people want to know if it is possible to build an enterprise-grade open-source VoIP solution and if there are any benefits to it.

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June 02, 2005

How to: VoiceBlue VoIP GSM Gateway with Asterisk IP PBX

Excerpt: Main scenario

Suppose we have an IP network to which an Asterisk IP PBX, several SIP telephones and an Ateus VoiceBlue GSM gateway are connected. This typical configuration is shown in the figure below. Furthermore, suppose that the network is addressed as shown in the figure and GSM numbers are all numbers starting with 6,7,8 and containing 9 digits. For configuration simplicity, use SIM cards from one GSM provider.

Now say that all incoming calls are answered by the gateway, which replays the invitation message and waits for 10s for another DTMF dialling. After this timeout, the gateway dials extension 111, which is a dial-in to the operator.

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June 01, 2005

Canadian firm scores with open source call center has published an article about Aheeva and Asterisk.

"The decision to create a call center based on open source technology turned out to be a profitable one for Aheeva Technologies.

The Montreal-based firm had long specialized in assisting firms choose, develop and manage interactive contact center systems based on proprietary technologies. But when Aheeva began moving forward with plans to branch out and offer hosted call center services, it found that the open source private branch exchange (PBX) Asterisk made the most financial and technical sense.


February 22, 2005

Case Study: Asterisk PBX in K-12 Education - Partner II Legacy System Integration

Source: Gerald Pickford (c)2005
In early 2004, I had the opportunity to assist a private Catholic elementary school in the Seattle area with a telecom expansion project using an Asterisk open source telephony server.  The school had a legacy Lucent Partner II switch that provided service to the administrative offices.  This system was at capacity, but the school had wanted to expand phone service to all classrooms and several staff offices so staff members could make and receive calls from their classes.  The ability to transfer calls from the main office to classrooms was also desired.  This would require 14 new extensions that their current system could not provide.

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